My Babies Left!

Panda Girl

My Panda Girl and her mama left this morning for Phoenix Arizona. Taking them to the Cleveland Airport at 3:30 AM this morning was the hardest trip I’ve ever taken, and saying goodbye was very difficult for me. Safe travel and many blessings are in my prayers while I miss both of them so much already!

Ariyanna In The Snow!

Me 2016

Ariyanna leaving her mark in the first snow of the winter!

Grandpa by Ariyanna!

Karl In Winter 2016

Ariyanna took this picture with the Sandusky river flowing behind me, and the first snow of the winter season on the ground, to show off her emerging photography skills. She is rapidly becoming a genius of art creation at the early age of nine years old just one month before her tenth birthday!

Remembering Summer!

Ariyanna Put In Bay Sign

So many beautiful places to visit and see, just too little time do it all, oh well we’ll do what we can!

One of Our Seasons!

A Beautiful Fall Day

A typical fall day brings thought to remembering “a season of our moments and life”, Ariyanna crafts a beautiful fall picture for us!

Chef Ariyanna!

My First

,Ariyanna shows off her first cooking creation which she made with the help of grandpa Karl on January 7, 2016!

River Girls!

River Girls 2

In the summer of 2015, my river girls, Jessa and Ariyanna hug each other by the Sandusky River before going into the Tackle Box 2 restaurant for dinner!

What’s On My Chicken?

Frog Legs

Karen’s reaction when she opens her latest order of chicken chunks from the Tackle Box 2 restaurant located by the Sandusky River in Fremont Ohio. She couldn’t believe what she saw although she ate the chicken chunks but not the frog legs. This all happened December 31, 2015 (New Years Eve) at 11:10 P.M.!

Happy New Year!

My Girls 2016

Just a few of my girls wishing a Happy and Great New Year for 2016!

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