Hard Working!

Ariyanna Raking Leaves

Busy working girl raking leaves on a beautiful fall day in the great state of Ohio!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

We are wishing everyone a very special Thanksgiving blessing!

Two Of My Girls!

Ariyanna Jessa

Ariyanna and Jessa hug each other while sharing a beautiful moment together for the whole world to see!

Student Of The Month!

Student Of The Month

Look who won Student of the Month for November 2015!

Granddaughters Are Wonderful!

Ariyanna Jessa Tori

My girls, Jessa on top, Ariyanna left, and Tori on the right form a pyramid of beauties and smiles!










Gibsonburg Back To Back

Ariyanna, left and Aubrie right sit back to back to create this beautiful scene!

My Journey…My Life!

I Was Broken

Every morning as I awaken to the breaching of the early morning dawn, from time to time I’m reminded of how lost, how bewildered, and how broken I was on my journey through this life alone. Those times as I glance backwards, it brings a regret, a reflection, a pang of guilt, and sometimes even a tear, from remembering, that point where I can never return, or would not ever want to. I’ve made many mistakes, and at times I am reminiscent of the truth that I wouldn’t change one little incident, since these numerous faults have brought me to the place where I occupy today; in the Presence of God. I would not alter one tiny occurrence, even if, I could inherit all of God’s creation, as a result. Thank you Lord Jesus for your luminosity from darkness, and putting the pieces of my life back together again. For all of this I am eternally grateful to you!







Happy Birthday Karen Sue!

Karen Birthday Cake

Karlotta bought and decorated this cake for her sister Karen who turned 30 on November 5th!








Ariyanna Karen Birthday

Karen gave me this birthday selfie of her and beautiful daughter Ariyanna…I can see where Ariyanna gets her beauty!












Karen Sue 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Girl you are so beautiful. The first time ever I saw your face I just knew you were so very extraordinary and I would love you forever more!


Aubrie Smiles!

Aubrie Smile

Aubrie is such a beautiful girl and her smile just radiates your inner warmth till you feel like you’re glowing all over!











Aubrie With Flower

At posing Aubrie is a natural and at home in front of the camera insomuch she creates the scene!










Aubrie With Flower By Ear

Let Aubrie be Aubrie by showing off a pretty flower beside her ear and she exhibits it gorgeously!











Aubrie With Flowers

Aubrie sneaks into the frame as only she can!

Karlotta (Grandma)!

Tori Ariyanna Karlotta Jessa

Karlotta with two of her grandchildren Tori (far left), Jessa (far right),and her niece Ariyanna (center left) showing off all of their beautiful smiles!










Grandma And Tori

Karlotta presenting her oldest granddaughter beautiful Tori who is her son Nick first born child!











Karlotta And Tori

Karlotta and Tori placing their inner and other beauty on full display!

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