My Twin Girls!

Twin Girls

It’s so hard to tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter, they both look like 21 years old!

Two Rabbit Girls!

Two Rabbits 2016

Rabbit ears all around for two of my beautiful grand children!

My Flower Girls!

Journie Flower 2017

Jessa Flower 2017

Great Grandchildren Journie and Jessa stopped to smell the flowers on our way walking to the ‘I Scream” Ice Cream Store down by Rodger Young Park in Fremont Ohio!

Sophie With Aunt Karen!

Sophie Karen

Sophie and Karen display their affection for each other in this beautiful picture!

Girls Day Out!

Chili Dog Girls

My girls waiting on their chili dogs while visiting Marblehead Ohio!

Petticoat Junction Memory!

My Girls Visit Petticoat Junction

Ariyanna, Jessa and Journie enjoy an hugging memory together if front of a picture of Petticoat Junction empty building in South Carolina!

Jessa Makes A Wish!

Jessa Simply

Beautiful Jessa glazes with¬†aspiration¬†as she ponders: “what do I wish for?” in an rare photo capture of her!

Girls | Girls | Girls!

My Girls

Three of my girls put their heads together to create this beautiful memory moment!

River Girls!

River Girls 2

In the summer of 2015, my river girls, Jessa and Ariyanna hug each other by the Sandusky River before going into the Tackle Box 2 restaurant for dinner!

Two Of My Girls!

Ariyanna Jessa

Ariyanna and Jessa hug each other while sharing a beautiful moment together for the whole world to see!

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