Ariyanna Monae

She is so special


Two Orchids underneath an Orchid

Karlotta Visits with her Dad

Karlotta and Karl

More Ohio

Susan with her sister Amy













Susan with her dad Don

Ohio Visit

My sister Dosie with her grandkids















Karl & Susan with Ariyanna

Tennessee Visit

A recent trip to Ohio turns into a double visit. Karl and his Mom decides to grab a quick trip to Tennessee. We grab our depends and head south. A short 8 hours later we arrive. Following are a few pictures of our visit…

How about three roses without a thorn.
What a beautiful woman my mother is.
Sisters all ready for a day of visiting.
Paula and Gail visiting each other for the first time in a couples years.
Of course we can’t forget about the three sisters Ruth, Agnes, and Betty visiting for the first time in eleven years.
This is my cousin Ray with the bunny ears being supplied by Gail.
This is the three of us | Ray | Gail | Karl.
There is always a group shot every time. Daniel is second from the left who is Ray’s son.
Gail with her husband Ray | she says he a keeper.
Don’t forget about Gail’s favorite sister Teresa.



And their favorite kissing cousin ME.
Gail and Ray home. Thanks for letting me stay there.
A beautiful fall day in Tennessee.

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