Trio At The River!

Trio At The Sandusky River

Grandpa with two of his girls at the Sandusky River in Fremont Ohio!

Ariyanna Smiles!

Ariyanna Sits On Rock 2019

Ariyanna sits on a rock at Spiegel Grove in Fremont Ohio!

Two Beautiful Girls!

Ariyanna Debbie 2018

Ariyanna and Debbie hug each other after visiting the summer of 2018!

Two Silhouettes!

Brady Ariyanna 2018

Atop the embankment that surrounds the Sandusky River, Brady and Ariyanna display their silhouettes against the setting sun near Fremont Ohio celebrating Ariyanna’ going away party !

Grandpa At Work!

Karl At Work 2018

On a beautiful sun shinning day in Fremont Ohio, grandpa Karl busy working in his moms flower garden!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom Birthday 89

Wow looking good for 89 candles young!

Rose Garden Memory!

In The Rose Garden

Ariyanna glances down at the sun dial located in the middle of the rose garden at the Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center of Spiegel Grove in Fremont Ohio!

Out Of The Past!

Julie Ariyanna 2013 Tree

Julie leans against and Ariyanna stands in front of this huge tree inside Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center located on the west side of Fremont Ohio during our 2013 visit!

Strawberry Pickers!

Strawberries Girls

Aunt Karlotta and Ariyanna show off their fresh pickings from the local strawberry farm near Fremont Ohio!

What’s On My Chicken?

Frog Legs

Karen’s reaction when she opens her latest order of chicken chunks from the Tackle Box 2 restaurant located by the Sandusky River in Fremont Ohio. She couldn’t believe what she saw although she ate the chicken chunks but not the frog legs. This all happened December 31, 2015 (New Years Eve) at 11:10 P.M.!

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