Woodville Day Outing!

Woodville Park Big Tree

My grandkids Brady, Ariyanna and Aubrie find this big tree at a park in Woodville Ohio during their recent grandkids roadtrip!

My Girls 2014!

Aubrie Lake Erie 2014

Aubrie poses in front of Lake Erie in northern Ohio!








My Girls Among Rocks

My girls Aubrie and Ariyanna playing among the huge rocks of Lake Erie!








My Girls Margaritaville

My girls Ariyanna, Julie and Aubrie horsing around with a statue at Margaritaville Restaurant near Sandusky Ohio!











My Girls Margaritaville 2014

The girls pose in front of the waterfall at the Margaritaville Restaurant!










Ariyanna Julie Lake Erie

Ariyanna and Julie looking beautiful by Lake Erie!











Ariyanna Julie With Pirate

Ariyanna and Julie discover a pirate at the Margaritaville Restaurant!











Aubrie Smile

Aubrie showing off her special smile during her 2014 visit to Margaritaville!











Beautiful Ariyanna Regular

Beautiful Ariyanna gave me this great pose while visiting Margaritaville!

Happy Birthday Karlotta!


Happy Birthday Baby Girl born August 11, 1968 forty-seven years ago today. Hope your day is as special as you are love you babe!

Grandkids Fun in Elmore Ohio!

Elmore Grandkids By River

Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna pose by the Portage River flowing through Elmore Ohio!









Elmore Grandkids

My grandkids Aubrie, Ariyanna and Brady show love by hugging each other on a park bench!









Elmore Grandkids Walk On Water

Ariyanna, Brady and Aubrie appear to walk on water during their recent visit on a beautiful day to Elmore Ohio!











Elmore Harry Witty Memorial Park

Brady and Ariyanna point to the “Harry Witty Memorial Park” sign while Aubrie poses underneath it!









Elmore Karl Grandkids

Grandpa poses with Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna as the Portage River flows past them on a gorgeous summer day in Ohio!










Elmore Grandkids River Bridge

The grandkids had a fun time at the river’s edge as they kept saying “let’s go back and stay the whole day”!

My Girls Visit Gibsonburg!

Gibsonburg We Visited

The girls pose and hold their signs in front of the Gibsonburg water tower!










Gibsonburg Ariyanna Lake

Ariyanna sits in front of this beautiful lake to give me this gorgeous shot! 









Gibsonburg Aubrie Lake

Not to be outdone Aubrie gave me this fantastic picture!









Gibsonburg Aubrie Bike

They had this bike on display and Aubrie wanted to try it out!











Gibsonburg Girls Back To Back

Ariyanna and Aubrie pose back to back to create this beautiful picture!

My Favorite!

Water Melon Time

Ariyanna enjoying one of her favorite fruits watermelon!

Ariyanna Visits South Carolina!

Ariyanna On The Face Of A Statue

I call this statue “The Face Of A Angel”!










Bee Hive Ariyanna

Ariyanna poses in front of a bee hive and makes sure she doesn’t get too close!











Bee Hive Ariyanna 2

This bee hive is more of a natural one made from a tree trunk but Ariyanna will not get any closer!









Blackberries Ariyanna

Ariyanna learns the art of picking blackberries!








Big Lips

I asked Ariyanna to give me a great big smile for the camera and this is what I got!











Ariyanna Under Ariyanna Ln sign

While traveling around the up and down roads of South Carolina we happened upon this road sign and just had to take a picture!

Ariyanna Learns to Swim!

Ariyanna Floating

When Ariyanna was a baby she referred to herself as mermaid Ya Ya as she was floating around the pool with her ringed device holding her afloat!











Ariyanna Splashing Pool

Ariyanna has now declared herself a fish while she swims all around the pool including the deep end!

Gator Country!

Swamp Sign Ariyanna

Ariyanna visits the Phinizy Swamp Campus to try to find the American Alligator lurking somewhere on the campus!








Swamp Ariyanna Tree

Ariyanna stops for a picture at this bridge overlooking the swamp where alligators are said to be! She finds her name engraved on the top board of the bridge as she stands in front of this beautiful scenery!












Swamp Karl Sitting

Karl sits atop the high board of a bridge that leads into gator country!








Swamp Gator Country

Ariyanna holds up a sign proclaiming this is gator country!

Happy Birthday Karl Number Unknown!

Hopelands Karl Kissing Statue

Karl receives a birthday kiss from a lady statue located on the Hopelands Gardens Nature Park near Aiken South Carolina!

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