Clyde Water Park!

WP Brady Ariyanna Climbing

Brady and Ariyanna as they climb the stairway to the big water slide at Clyde  Community Water Park!










WP Ariyanna Brady

Ariyanna and Brady are all smiles at the bottom of the big water slide!







WP Aubrie Climbing

Aubrie turns around as she climbs the stairs to the little water slide!











WP Aubrie Coming Down A Slide

Aubrie as she exits the little water slide during a day of fun for her and brother Brady and cousin Ariyanna!

Miss Ariyanna Becoming A Pool Shark!

Miss Ariyanna Shooting Pool

Ariyanna lines up a shot as she learns how to shoot pool!







Miss Ariyanna Chalking

Ariyanna pauses in front of a painting of Cecil and his car on Big Creek Mountain with her cue stick during a recent shootout with her grandpa!









Miss Ariyanna Cecil Ranch

Ariyanna spends a quiet moment on the front porch of Uncle Cecil’s ranch during her summer vacation in South Carolina!

Miss Lizzy!

Miss Lizzy Chasing

Miss Ariyanna chasing her newest addition to the family Miss Lizzy Espinoza!











Miss Lizzy Petting

Ariyanna petting her chicken Miss Lizzy as Uncle Cecil holds her!

Clyde Community Park!

CC Ariyanna Brady Aubrie

Ariyanna, Brady and Aubrie pose at a bridge at Clyde Community Park during their recent kids day out!











CC Ariyanna Bridge

Ariyanna gave me this beautiful pose at Clyde Community Park!











CC Ariyanna Grandpa Aubrie Brady

The grand kids pose with grandpa in front of a beautiful bridge while visiting the local park!










CC Aubrie

Aubrie is so happy while visiting a park in the city of Clyde Ohio!











CC Brady

Brady sits atop a bridge at Clyde Community Park!











CC Brady Ariyanna

Brady poses with his beautiful cousin Ariyanna while enjoying the view at Clyde Water Park!









CC Brady Aubrie

Brady enjoying a moment of fun with his beautiful sister Aubrie at the local park!









CC Brady Aubrie Ariyanna

Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna really enjoyed each other while posing in front of a lake at Clyde Community Park!

My Girls visit Catawba Island!

My Girls At Catawba

My girls enjoy an ice cream moment as they pose together at Catawba Inland in northern Ohio!









My Girls With Ice Cream

My girls Ariyanna, Jessa and Journey in a beauty pose at Catawba!








Opal With Girls At Catawba

Opal poses with the girls at Catawba!








Journey At Catawba

Journey is checking out the local souvenir shop at Catawba!











Grandpa With His Girls

Karl poses with the girls at Catawba Island!

Ohio Bound!

My Girls 2

My girls getting all excited about coming to Ohio!











Aubrie says grandpa is picking us up at the airport!











Papa With His Girls

Papa and his girls will be reunited soon!









Ariyanna looking beautiful!

My Girls Coming To Ohio!

Ariyanna Aubrie

Ariyanna and Aubrie are all excited about coming to Ohio for the summer!










Girls Day Out

Ariyanna and Aubrie are all smiles during a recent girls day out!

Great Grand Daughter Tori!

Tori With Bat

Tori at bat in a recent fast pitch softball game in Fort Seneca Ohio!










Tori Waiting

Tori waiting for her turn at bat!










Tori Tossing Ball

Tori tossing a ball during her warm up!









Tori catching Ball

Tori catching a ball during her warm up practice!












A closeup of Tori waiting for her turn at bat wearing her helmet!

Ya Ya!

Ya Ya At Biltmore

Ariyanna at the Biltmore in Phoenix Arizona!







Ya Ya Sunset

Ariyanna at sunset across the street from her home at the park!

Happy Birthday Jerry 45!

Jerry 03

Jerry turns 45 today May 15 – hope your day is super!

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