Our Twenty-Seventh Anniversary!

Susan At Fountain Hills

Susan as the fountain shoots up in the air at beautiful Fountain Hills Arizona!










Susan Karl Anniversary

Susan & Karl standing in front of the fountain on their 27th Anniversary!










Susan Karl Fountain Hills

What a beautiful day we had!









Susan Karl Cactus

Susan & Karl standing in front of a cactus by the Radissan motel at Fort McDowell!





Ya Ya In Space

There is so much you can do in Photoshop!

Tennessee Volunteers Room!

Ariyanna Times 3 Tennessee Room

Ariyanna spends the night in Gail and Rays Tennessee room!














Ariyanna In The Tennessee Room

She spends the night all by herself which is something she would have never done before. I know that soon she will no longer need me…I miss her already!


Simply Sophie!

Sophie Eyes Open

Sophie looks around at the world and says wow I’m blogging already! Now when do I start learning Photoshop!

Gorgeous Lady!

Beautiful Woman

Can you guess who this beautiful woman is? Yes she lives in Fremont Ohio!

Great Picture!

Gerald SheAnna

My brother Gerald with his daughter SheAnna! I asked him why he was looking the other way. He said he thought he was supposed to look away from the camera! I think he thinks he’s a movie star!

August 2, 2013!

Three Girls And A Gentleman

My beautiful mother and her two sisters!

Two Crazy Girls!

Ariyanna Debbie

Ariyanna & Debbie from last year’s visit!

Marblehead Ohio Lighthouse!

MH LightHouse

The girls at the Lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio!

They Grow Up Too Fast!

Ya Ya Watermelon

Ariyanna accused me of photoshoping this photo but she actually place a balloon inside her shirt and grandma took the picture!

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