Josh & Kristen Julian!

Josh Kristen


Ariyanna With Her Heritage Cutout For School!

Ariyanna with her Heritage Cutout

The answer to yesterday question is D) All of the above!













Brandi Aubrie

Brandi with daughter Aubrie!

Why Does Arizona Opt Out Of Daylight Savings Time?

A) Congress left it up to individual jurisdictions

whether or not to observe daylight saving time

in the Uniform Time Act of 1966.

B) In the first year, Arizona tried daylight saving

time with the rest of the nation and there was so

much opposition and negative reaction, that

they asked Congress for an exemption.

C) When it began, there was little air conditioning

in Arizona, and Arizonians felt they didn’t need

another hour of sweltering heat.

D) All of the above.

Two Beautiful Girls Came To Play!

Two Beautiful Girls


Near Jerome Arizona!

Fun in the Mountains of Arizona

We just happened upon this place!

Aubrie | Karen | Brandi | Journie!

Aubrie Karen

Karen & Aubrie in a winter scene!










Brandi Journie

Brandi with Journie!

Happy Birthday Laurie Root February 14th!

Don Landon Laurie

How many Movie Stars were at Ariyanna’ Birthday Party!

Ariyanna Birthday Week 06

Jessa | Ariyanna | Journie | Aubrie | Donovan | Brady













6 is the number of movie stars at Ariyanna’ Birthday Party.

There was Jessa | Ariyanna | Journie | Aubrie | Donovan | Brady.

Next year we will need to invite 7 movie stars!

Journie Came to the Birthday Party!


What a Beautiful Baby!

Birthday Party!

Ariyanna Birthday Week 04

She wanted this Password Journal more than anything!










Ariyanna Birthday Week 05













Ariyanna Birthday Week 03

Reading a Birthday Card!












Happy Birthday Judy Rudy

Rudy' birthday is the 9th and judy' birthday is the 10th!











Check back tomorrow to see who else was at the birthday party!

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