Aubrie With Friends!

Aubrie And Friends

Aubrie poses with a couple of her friends at the Glendale Hot Air Balloon Festival in a recent visit!

Aunt Agnes February 22, 1931 – February 18, 2014!

Agnes 03

My Aunt Agnes!











Aunt Agnes showing off her just polished nails!







Agnes 02

Aunt Agnes sharing a happy moment with her daughter Paula and sister Bessie!



Beauty On The Tennessee River!

Beauty On The Tennessee River

Ariyanna was cruising on Ray and Gail boat when I captured this beautiful shot!

Happy Birthday Ariyanna!

Happy Birthday Ariyanna

Happy 8th Birthday!








8th Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake!










Opening Birthday Gifts

Opening Birthday Gifts!



8 Years Old Sunday February 9, 2014!

4000 Dollars

Ariyanna will be 8 years old tomorrow. This picture was taken just shy of her 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Aubrie At The Park!

Aubrie At The Ducks

Aubrie spends the day holding her baby in front of the ducks pond!

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