The Day Before School!

Ariyanna Poses Croghan School

Ariyanna poses behind the Croghan School sign the day before she starts school!








Karen Ariyanna Croghan School

Karen joins her daughter Ariyanna behind the sign where Karen also attended school!










Welcome To Croghan School

A drawing of “Welcome to Croghan Elementary School” upon a wall inside the school!









Welcome To Black Board

Inside Ariyanna’s classroom is an “Welcome Everyone” on the blackboard as mother and daughter poses together!








Ariyanna Class Room

Ariyanna is all smiles as she stands in her classroom the day before she starts 4th grade!

Unlikely Look Alike!

Karl Face On A Statue

I discovered this statue well-hidden in the state of South Carolina which I thought bears a strange resemblance to Grandpa!


Rest In Peace Judy


Family Get Together!

Family Shot

It took a miracle to put this group together and keep everyone facing toward the front except Nickolas. From top left is Journie and Karen in the back row then there is Ariyanna and Karlotta with Jessa siting in grandma lap next to Nickolas and finally Tori in front!

Karl Is Blessed!

Karl With 2 Daughters

A smiling, happy father receives double kisses from two of his beautiful daughters Karlotta and Karen!

Croghan School 2015!

Ariyanna 1st Day Of School 4th Grade

Ariyanna looking beautiful as she prepares to walk to Croghan School on her first day of fourth grade at her new school in Fremont Ohio!











Jourdyn 2015

My sister Carol great granddaughter Jourdyn gave me this beautiful smile on her first day of school at Croghan Elementary School !

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