I Am Blessed!

Happy Birthday Karl 2018

I want to Say “Thanks” to all the Birthday Wishes from EveryOne on Facebook, Text and Phone Calls!


Grandpa At Work!

Karl At Work 2018

On a beautiful sun shinning day in Fremont Ohio, grandpa Karl busy working in his moms flower garden!

Jerry May 15 1970!


Happy Birthday Jerry…Wishing you the greatest best-est day ever…Love You – Dad!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom Birthday 89

Wow looking good for 89 candles young!

Return To Louisville!

Return To Bank Street

My sister Dosie and I return to 19th and Bank Street in Louisville Kentucky where we lived when she was born, stopping briefly to create this memory from our past during our journey to Clarksville Tennessee!


Happy 70

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Mother’s Day Picnic!

Mothers Day Picnic

We went on a Mother’s Day picnic and Dosie’s husband Mark captured this beautiful memory!

January In Augusta Georgia!

Augusta In January

Across the Savannah River from where I live in North Augusta, South Carolina, this picture was taken on January 29, 2017 near Augusta’s famed beautiful Riverwalk Trail which runs from 5th street to 13th street before visiting the Morris Museum of Art on Sunday after church!

Grandpa November 2016!

Grandpa 2016

Sitting on a tree stump with the beautiful Savannah River flowing in the background on the Georgia side of the water, grandpa is hoping and praying that everyone had a great November!

Alligator Hunter!

Karl At Brick Pond Park

Here I am at Brick Pond Park about a week before I took the alligator picture below that is home to the gator!


This is the first alligator I found lurking in the wild which was on my bucket list: I sent this picture to Ariyanna, Karen, Karlotta and Jerry…Ariyanna’s reply was simply “cool”…Karen says “Be careful he’ll get u. Ur not that fast anymore”…Karlotta said modestly  “I would not have been able to take that picture” and when I told her I had named the gator Miss Weezy assuming it was a girl, she says without hesitation “Nice you have pet alligator. Lol! I won’t be in those family photos. Lol”…Jerry’s reply was “So u got a gator…?? U no there worth money”!

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