Welcome Skylyn!

Skylyn 2019

Skylyn Verda Grayce Nunley born August 5, 2019 weighing 4 lbs 9 ozs at 1:56 in the afternoon (my eighth Great Grandchild)!


Welcome To December!

Ariyanna In A Smow Storm

Snow is on its way, temperature dropping, snow clouds forming, cold wind blowing, therefore, December has arrived!

The Day Before School!

Ariyanna Poses Croghan School

Ariyanna poses behind the Croghan School sign the day before she starts school!








Karen Ariyanna Croghan School

Karen joins her daughter Ariyanna behind the sign where Karen also attended school!










Welcome To Croghan School

A drawing of “Welcome to Croghan Elementary School” upon a wall inside the school!









Welcome To Black Board

Inside Ariyanna’s classroom is an “Welcome Everyone” on the blackboard as mother and daughter poses together!








Ariyanna Class Room

Ariyanna is all smiles as she stands in her classroom the day before she starts 4th grade!

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