Talking To God!

Speaks To The Lord

Aubrie and I were on our way to pick up Donovan and Ariyanna from school one day when she asked “who are you talking to grandpa” I replied “I’m talking to the lord babes” so she told everybody!

Happiness To All!

Happy Thanksgiving

To family and friends be thankful for all you have!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

To Go Home!

God Says

God said “Go Home”! I thought Chattanooga, Louisville, Fremont. Phoenix, Baton Rouge so I asked where is home?

Crossing Bridges!

Ill Leave This Bridge

To burn a bridge or not…another life changing decision!

Arizona Grandchildren!

Ariyanna Is So Beautiful

I miss my Arizona grandchildren Donovan, Ariyanna, Aubrie, Sophie, Alexander, Zachary!

Leaving Tennessee!

God Loves You

A beautiful sunset view from Gail and Ray back yard in Loudon Tennessee!

God Is Good!

Georgia On My Mind

My journey has led me to so many beautiful places!

My Bucket List!

I Stood In The Presence Of God

My life is forever changed!

Thank God For A Glimpse!

When I Look

I thought change was a one time thing…was I ever wrong!

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