Ariyanna & Grandma Nunley!

Ariyanna Grandma Nunley

Two beautiful girls!

Will Arrive In Detroit @ 12:30 AM!

Ariyanna Karl By The Tree

Leaving on a Jet Plane! Tuesday morning here we come!

These Girls Always Have Fun!

Ya Ya Aubrie

These were taken at Aubrie birthday party!

Karl | Ariyanna | Grandpa!

Karl Ariyanna Karl

This photo was taken atop Mount Humphrey in Flagstaff Arizona!

Simply Karl!

Karl 1200

Ariyanna took this picture of me! She’s turning into quiet the photographer!

Pictures From The Past!


Ariyanna with Background Spun

Ariyanna with her background spun and her reflection in the mirror!










Ariyanna Between Two Statues

Baby girl between two statues!


Aubrie Showing Off Her Many Expressions!

Aubrie Faces

Aubrie is so animated!

Flagstaff Lay in the Background!

Flagstaff Trip

Check this out I caught everyone smiling!

Flagstaff Trip x

Photoshop Magic!

Me & Ya Ya!

Karl Ariyanna 2009

We just got caught up in the moment way back in 2009!

Photoshop by Ariyanna and Aubrie!

4 Girls In Fremont

This is the picture we used yesterday to make the picture I posted on Facebook last night!

Brainy Bunch

Ariyanna called this the Brainy Bunch!

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