Alligator Hunter!

Karl At Brick Pond Park

Here I am at Brick Pond Park about a week before I took the alligator picture below that is home to the gator!


This is the first alligator I found lurking in the wild which was on my bucket list: I sent this picture to Ariyanna, Karen, Karlotta and Jerry…Ariyanna’s reply was simply “cool”…Karen says “Be careful he’ll get u. Ur not that fast anymore”…Karlotta said modestly  “I would not have been able to take that picture” and when I told her I had named the gator Miss Weezy assuming it was a girl, she says without hesitation “Nice you have pet alligator. Lol! I won’t be in those family photos. Lol”…Jerry’s reply was “So u got a gator…?? U no there worth money”!

Grandpa’ Girls!

2 Of Grandpa' Girls

Two beauties sit down and enjoy shade away from Arizona’s glaring, brilliant and blistering sun, displaying two beautiful roses, as they are being surrounded and framed by an assemblage of rose flowers!

3 Of Grandpa' Girls

Three beauties stand and model for this “all girls” pose of glamour and loveliness!

Out Of The Past!

Julie Ariyanna 2013 Tree

Julie leans against and Ariyanna stands in front of this huge tree inside Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center located on the west side of Fremont Ohio during our 2013 visit!

Happy Birthday Jessa!

Happy Birthday Jessa 9 Years Old

Lookie Lookie who turns 9 years old today…Happy Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Aubrie (Our Little Lady)!

Aubrie At Nature Center

While visiting the Nature Center in Elyria Ohio’ Cascade Park, Aubrie shines with her beautiful smile, whilst holding her hand picked flower and leaf wrapped bag of collectibles!

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