Donovan Turns 19!

Happy Birthday Donovan 19

Happy Birthday Grandson Hope Your Day was Great, Love You!


Donovan Turns 18!

Donovan Turns 18

Happy Birthday grandson hope your day was special…sorry so late I was traveling!

Easter Grand Babies!

My Grandbabies

Donovan, Sophie and Ariyanna share an Easter Moment together to create this beautiful picture!

My Little Snowflakes!

My Snowflakes

Merry Christmas from all of my eighteen grand/great grandchildren. Missing from the photo are Levi, Donovan, Ryan, Tanner, Trevor, Justine,Kristen and Nick!

Donovan 2016!

Donovan 2016

Donovan looking good as he displays a great smile for his mother Brandi in Phoenix Arizona!

Mama With 3 of Her 4 Cubs!

Brandi Sophie Brady Aubrie

Smiling Mama and Sophie appear to be watching over Brady and Aubrie trying to give each other rabbit ears!

Young Man Turns 17!

Happy Birthday Donovan 17

Happy “Seventeenth” Birthday Donovan…wishing along with praying all of your dreams become real…furthermore always remember “continue chasing your aspirations”!

Happy 16 Birthday Donovan!

Happy Birthday Donovan 16

Hopefully your special day is and was a Super Great Birthday!

Talking To God!

Speaks To The Lord

Aubrie and I were on our way to pick up Donovan and Ariyanna from school one day when she asked “who are you talking to grandpa” I replied “I’m talking to the lord babes” so she told everybody!

Arizona Grandchildren!

Ariyanna Is So Beautiful

I miss my Arizona grandchildren Donovan, Ariyanna, Aubrie, Sophie, Alexander, Zachary!

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