Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2013

Memories from the past!

Happy 16 Birthday Donovan!

Happy Birthday Donovan 16

Hopefully your special day is and was a Super Great Birthday!

Your Thinking!

Your Thinking









Lunch Time In Perrysburg Ohio!

Out To Lunch



My Pecious Grandson – by Unknown Author

I have a little Grandson,
Who means the world to me
He’s living with the Angels
And is as special as can be

And even though he’s up there,
Playing in the clouds
He’s still my precious Grandson
And I am so very proud.

I know I can not hold him,
Or bounce him on my knee
But only have to close my eyes,
His little face to see.

I never will stop missing him
And wishing he were here
But sometimes I feel, indeed I know
That he is very near.

So play happily my precious Angel
We love you so and always will,
And you will never be forgotten

Fourth Grade 2015!

Ariyanna School Pic 2015

Ariyanna school picture from the fourth grade at Croghan School in Fremont Ohio!

Five Years Old Aubrie!

Gibsonburg Butterfly Aubrie

Happy birthday to my little butterfly Aubrie Rayne October 7th!









Gibsonburg Aubrie Ariyanna Eagle

My girls Aubrie and Ariyanna pose with an eagle!









Gibsonburg Sister Brother Lake

Aubrie and big brother Brady sit back to back and enjoy the beautiful lake in Gibsonburg Ohio!

Generations In The Woods!


Grand Mom holds the frame picture of her generations children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In the framed picture is Carol seated to the left, A.J. standing in the back with Shelly holding Zaydan!











In the framed picture are Carol sitting to the left, Megan standing in the back, Jourdyn standing in front with Shelly sitting on the stool!










Gen 5 Monique

In the framed picture is Monique sitting holding Lilliana, Shelly standing in the back with Carol on the stool in front!

Five Generations 2015!

5 Generations Carol Mom

This is my Mom and sister Carol’s framed wall of five generation pictures from the year 2015!


Lake Erie Visit!

Lake Erie Ariyanna Karen Karlotta

Karen visits Lake Erie with daughter Ariyanna and sister Karlotta after arriving on a jet plane from Arizona to Ohio!








Lake Erie Ariyanna Karen

Ariyanna and mom Karen snuggle together for a picture in front of beautiful Lake Erie on a cloudy cool day in northern Ohio!











Lake Erie Karlotta

Karlotta looking beautiful as the waters of Lake Erie splash upon the rocks behind her!

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