Ariyanna At Lakeside!

Ariyanna At Lake Side 2018

Ariyanna enjoys visiting Lakeside Ohio during her summer vacation this past year!

Lake Erie Group!

Lake Erie Group 2018

Karen and her group at Lake Erie by Marblehead Lighthouse from left to right Nickolas, Journey, Karen, Aubrie leaning over Karen’s left shoulder with top row Tori, Gigi and Ariyanna!

My Two Cuties!

My Girls Lake

Aubrie and Ariyanna enjoy a moment together in the green foliage of East Harbor State Park with Lake Erie lurking in the background!  

Lake Erie Visit!

Lake Erie Ariyanna Karen Karlotta

Karen visits Lake Erie with daughter Ariyanna and sister Karlotta after arriving on a jet plane from Arizona to Ohio!








Lake Erie Ariyanna Karen

Ariyanna and mom Karen snuggle together for a picture in front of beautiful Lake Erie on a cloudy cool day in northern Ohio!











Lake Erie Karlotta

Karlotta looking beautiful as the waters of Lake Erie splash upon the rocks behind her!

My Girls 2014!

Aubrie Lake Erie 2014

Aubrie poses in front of Lake Erie in northern Ohio!








My Girls Among Rocks

My girls Aubrie and Ariyanna playing among the huge rocks of Lake Erie!








My Girls Margaritaville

My girls Ariyanna, Julie and Aubrie horsing around with a statue at Margaritaville Restaurant near Sandusky Ohio!











My Girls Margaritaville 2014

The girls pose in front of the waterfall at the Margaritaville Restaurant!










Ariyanna Julie Lake Erie

Ariyanna and Julie looking beautiful by Lake Erie!











Ariyanna Julie With Pirate

Ariyanna and Julie discover a pirate at the Margaritaville Restaurant!











Aubrie Smile

Aubrie showing off her special smile during her 2014 visit to Margaritaville!











Beautiful Ariyanna Regular

Beautiful Ariyanna gave me this great pose while visiting Margaritaville!

Happy Birthday Revonda Sue!

Lighthouse Revonda Sue Martrica

Revonda Sue and Martrica standing in front of the lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio on a beautiful day in July 2014!














Inside The Lighthouse

Martrica | Myron | Revonda Sue traveling down the 77 stairs inside the lighthouse!

The Girls Visit in Ohio!

Girls At The Lake

The girls visit Lake Erie at Marblehead!













Jerry With Girls Motorcycle

The girls visit Jerry on his Harley Davidson!

The Girls At MarbleHead!

Julie Ariyanna MH 01

Two beauties on the rocks!

A Day At Lake Erie!

Ariyanna At Lighthouse

Ariyanna at the Lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio with Lake Erie in the background!

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