My Twin Girls!

Twin Girls

It’s so hard to tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter, they both look like 21 years old!

My Grand Children Are Special!

Tori Walks On Water

My Great Granddaughter Tori walks on water!

Grandpa November 2016!

Grandpa 2016

Sitting on a tree stump with the beautiful Savannah River flowing in the background on the Georgia side of the water, grandpa is hoping and praying that everyone had a great November!

Mama With 3 of Her 4 Cubs!

Brandi Sophie Brady Aubrie

Smiling Mama and Sophie appear to be watching over Brady and Aubrie trying to give each other rabbit ears!

Chef Ariyanna!

My First

,Ariyanna shows off her first cooking creation which she made with the help of grandpa Karl on January 7, 2016!

My Two Cuties!

My Girls Lake

Aubrie and Ariyanna enjoy a moment together in the green foliage of East Harbor State Park with Lake Erie lurking in the background!  

Ariyanna Presents!

By Ariyanna

Ariyanna showing off her twin cousins Alex and Zach who are the sons of Jhen and Nate!

Granddaughters Are Wonderful!

Ariyanna Jessa Tori

My girls, Jessa on top, Ariyanna left, and Tori on the right form a pyramid of beauties and smiles!










Gibsonburg Back To Back

Ariyanna, left and Aubrie right sit back to back to create this beautiful scene!

Aubrie Smiles!

Aubrie Smile

Aubrie is such a beautiful girl and her smile just radiates your inner warmth till you feel like you’re glowing all over!











Aubrie With Flower

At posing Aubrie is a natural and at home in front of the camera insomuch she creates the scene!










Aubrie With Flower By Ear

Let Aubrie be Aubrie by showing off a pretty flower beside her ear and she exhibits it gorgeously!











Aubrie With Flowers

Aubrie sneaks into the frame as only she can!

Your Thinking!

Your Thinking









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