The Baptism Of Karlotta!

Baptism Of Karlotta

Karlotta takes total control of her life by submitting to baptism and the Lord Jesus Christ!

One Proud Grandma!

Grandma With Her Girls

Grandma Karlotta showing off two of her four grandchildren Jessa and Journie. The other two are Tori and Nickolas!

Leisurely Stroll With Jesus!

Karlotta Walking With Jesus

During her recent trip to Portsmouth Ohio in December 2016, I captured this moment of Karlotta inside and protected by the arms of our Lord Jesus!

Summer Memories 2016!

Strawberries Forever

Preparing to gather and devour some luscious, juicy strawberries are my beautiful girls: Jessa, Karlotta, Ariyanna and Journie!

Happy Birthday Karlotta!

Karlotta Smiling

Well well well look who turned 48 today – oops sorry I didn’t know it was a secret – Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Strawberry Pickers!

Strawberries Girls

Aunt Karlotta and Ariyanna show off their fresh pickings from the local strawberry farm near Fremont Ohio!

Beautiful Kristen!

Happy Birthday Kristen

Happy belated birthday Kristen on the 6th of February when you turned 27 years young with your beautiful mother, Karlotta behind you!

Happy New Year!

My Girls 2016

Just a few of my girls wishing a Happy and Great New Year for 2016!

Happy Birthday Karen Sue!

Karen Birthday Cake

Karlotta bought and decorated this cake for her sister Karen who turned 30 on November 5th!








Ariyanna Karen Birthday

Karen gave me this birthday selfie of her and beautiful daughter Ariyanna…I can see where Ariyanna gets her beauty!












Karen Sue 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Girl you are so beautiful. The first time ever I saw your face I just knew you were so very extraordinary and I would love you forever more!


Karlotta (Grandma)!

Tori Ariyanna Karlotta Jessa

Karlotta with two of her grandchildren Tori (far left), Jessa (far right),and her niece Ariyanna (center left) showing off all of their beautiful smiles!










Grandma And Tori

Karlotta presenting her oldest granddaughter beautiful Tori who is her son Nick first born child!











Karlotta And Tori

Karlotta and Tori placing their inner and other beauty on full display!

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