A Bridge Over The Sandusky River!

Grandpa Ariyanna

My beautiful granddaughter Ariyanna brings a smile to the inside and outside of who I am!

Hi Grandpa!

Hi Grandpa

Brandi sent me these two beautiful faces and said every time they took a picture Sophie says “Hi Grandpa”!

4 Wheeler Ole Man!


Grandpa takes his turn at the helm of 4 wheeling!

Grandpa’ Girls!

2 Of Grandpa' Girls

Two beauties sit down and enjoy shade away from Arizona’s glaring, brilliant and blistering sun, displaying two beautiful roses, as they are being surrounded and framed by an assemblage of rose flowers!

3 Of Grandpa' Girls

Three beauties stand and model for this “all girls” pose of glamour and loveliness!

Cascade Park Outing!

Aubrie Visits West Falls

With Elyria’ Cascade Park “West Falls” as the backdrop for this beautiful picture of Aubrie’ gorgeous smiling face just sums up our very special day together!

Aubrie Walking Down

Aubrie walks down these beautifully carved stone steps as we make our way towards the falls!

Aubrie Taking Break

Aubrie pauses for a much needed break while hiking the trail to the falls before moving on!

Karl Taking Break

Aubrie lets grandpa take a breather also while she holds the camera and sneaks this picture of him!

Ariyanna Visits Brandywine Falls!

Down Into The Gorge

Ariyanna hikes down deep into the gorge of Brandywine Falls near Cleveland Ohio with her grandpa!

June 2016!

Karl Waiting

An open letter for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyone else who chooses to listen for the month of June 2016 is:

Br Silent

If you take the letters from the word “Silent” and rearrange the letters you can spell the word “Listen” therefore just maybe, to really listen you must be silent!

Grandpa With Aubrie 2015!

With Aubrie

Aubrie and grandpa making beautiful memories together!

Special Connection!

Ariyanna Watching Me Collect Healing Water

Through the prism of time and space, Ariyanna watches grandpa collect and drink God’s Healing Water!


Karl Relaxing

As I relax against the railing of the beautiful “RiverWalk” located in downtown Augusta Georgia, that guards the Savannah River which separates the states of Georgia and South Carolina, I am reminded of the most beautiful sound, that whispers in my mind, I have ever heard, so far in my life:”grandpa”. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have blessed me with!

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