Cascade Park Outing!

Aubrie Visits West Falls

With Elyria’ Cascade Park “West Falls” as the backdrop for this beautiful picture of Aubrie’ gorgeous smiling face just sums up our very special day together!

Aubrie Walking Down

Aubrie walks down these beautifully carved stone steps as we make our way towards the falls!

Aubrie Taking Break

Aubrie pauses for a much needed break while hiking the trail to the falls before moving on!

Karl Taking Break

Aubrie lets grandpa take a breather also while she holds the camera and sneaks this picture of him!

Traveling To Ohio!

Turtle Flower

At a road side rest stop, Ariyanna discovers a Turtle Flower Pot!

Riding The Train

During our stop, Ariyanna discovers this beautiful Train Flower Pot!

This was one of the best road trips I have ever undertook with my beautiful shadow by my side…Thanks Ariyanna for the memories!!!

Girls Day Out!

Chili Dog Girls

My girls waiting on their chili dogs while visiting Marblehead Ohio!


4 Of July 2016

Ariyanna shoots her first Roman Candle fireworks in Summerville, Georgia at her cousin Martricia’s house!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Number 69!

Karl Between The Tree Flowers

Karl peeks from behind an Magnolia Flower Tree at the Riverview Park in North Augusta, just east of the Savannah River that divides South Carolina from Georgia!

Summerville Georgia!

Ariyanna With Tuffy

Ariyanna gets friendly with cousin Martricia horse “Tuffy” as she visits in upstate Georgia!

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