Girls Just Wanta Have Fun!

Fremont 01

Ariyanna is having the time of her life!









Fremont 02

Ariyanna in Fremont Ohio!











Girls 01

Karen & Ariyanna!













Girls 02

Karen & Ariyanna between the trees!













Girls 03

Four beautiful girls!











Girls Just Wanta Have Fun

Julie & Ariyanna having fun!

Margaritaville In Sandusky Ohio!


Ariyanna had lunch at the Margaritaville Restaurant in Sandusky Ohio on Friday April 27th 2012!









Pure Beauty

Ariyanna waiting for lunch at the Margaritaville Restaurant! She had French Fries and Chocolate Shake and wanted to know why they are called French Fries!

Marblehead Ohio!

Ariyanna Lighthouse 4

Ariyanna at Lake Erie!













Ariyanna Lighthouse 5

Ariyanna & Karl with Lotso in the woods!









Ariyanna Lighthouse 2

Ariyanna checking the scenery at the Lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio!













Ariyanna Lighthouse 3

Ariyanna in the woods with Lotso!









Karl Tree

Karl in the trees!

Fremont Ohio!

Ariyanna Lighthouse

Ariyanna & Lotso at Marblehead Ohio!













Judy Alta

Judy & Alta pose for a photo!













Karen Restaurant

Karen & Ariyanna in front of Karens Restaurant in Fremont Ohio!

Happy Easter!

Susan Karl

From Susan & Karl Happy Easter!












Easter Ariyanna Aubrie

From Ariyanna & Aubrie Happy Easter!










Brandi Donnie

From Brandi & Donnie Happy Easter!

Tombstone Arizona 2005!

Susan Judy

Susan and her Mom at Boothill!












Karl & Mom

Karl with his Mom at Boothill!












Tombstone 02

Lynisha | Judy | Susan | Jennifer in Tombstone!












Tombstone 03

Judy and Susan in a crowd at the OK Corral!













Tombstone 04

Judy posing with Wyatt, Morgan, Virgal Earp and Doc Holliday!













Tombstone 05

Susan & Judy at the Boothill Graveyard!

A Day At The Park!

Ariyanna Brady Thunderbird Mountain

What A View!











A Day At The Park

Ariyanna & Brady having fun at Thunderbird Park!

4 Famous Faces!

4 faces

These 4 faces attended Brady's birthday party! Can you guess who they are?

That Special Moment!

Lynisha Journie

Lynisha and Journie share a special moment!

Brady’s Birthday Party!

Brady X

Brady's new Mohawk!












Brady with birthday cake

Brady with his 7th birthday cake!









Brady birthday party

A few of the many at Brady's birthday party!









Aubrie X 5

Aubrie showing everyone how to eat pizza at Brady's birthday party!

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