Journey Turns 7!

Happy Birthday Journey 2018

Happy Birthday Journey from Grandma Opal!

Lake Erie Group!

Lake Erie Group 2018

Karen and her group at Lake Erie by Marblehead Lighthouse from left to right Nickolas, Journey, Karen, Aubrie leaning over Karen’s left shoulder with top row Tori, Gigi and Ariyanna!

Grandpa’ Girls!

2 Of Grandpa' Girls

Two beauties sit down and enjoy shade away from Arizona’s glaring, brilliant and blistering sun, displaying two beautiful roses, as they are being surrounded and framed by an assemblage of rose flowers!

3 Of Grandpa' Girls

Three beauties stand and model for this “all girls” pose of glamour and loveliness!

Happy New Year!

My Girls 2016

Just a few of my girls wishing a Happy and Great New Year for 2016!

My Girls visit Catawba Island!

My Girls At Catawba

My girls enjoy an ice cream moment as they pose together at Catawba Inland in northern Ohio!









My Girls With Ice Cream

My girls Ariyanna, Jessa and Journey in a beauty pose at Catawba!








Opal With Girls At Catawba

Opal poses with the girls at Catawba!








Journey At Catawba

Journey is checking out the local souvenir shop at Catawba!











Grandpa With His Girls

Karl poses with the girls at Catawba Island!

Beautiful Sunset!

God Never Did

My Journey Between My Past and Future is Almost Complete!


My beautiful daughter saw this in an television ad and gave it to me because it reminded her of me! The tree and lake is in Summmerville, Georgia!

Happiness Comes From Within!

Louisville Ky

I am no longer searching for happiness! I am happy!

Crossing Bridges!

Ill Leave This Bridge

To burn a bridge or not…another life changing decision!

Leaving Tennessee!

God Loves You

A beautiful sunset view from Gail and Ray back yard in Loudon Tennessee!

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