Timber by Jessa!

Jessa Pushes Tree Over

Jessa shows off her “Girl Power” as she attempts to push over this mighty tree!


Karlotta’s Bunch!

Karlotta's Bunch

Karlotta’s grandkids and niece from left Jessa, Ariyanna, Nickolas, Karlotta, Journie and Tori enjoy a summer afternoon in the fountain at Flag Park in downtown Fremont Ohio!

4 Wheeler Young Lady!

4 Wheeling

Ariyanna tries out 4 wheeling in the heart of Georgia before darkness brings the fireworks display on the fourth of July 2016!

Summer Memories 2016!

Strawberries Forever

Preparing to gather and devour some luscious, juicy strawberries are my beautiful girls: Jessa, Karlotta, Ariyanna and Journie!

Remembering Summer!

Ariyanna Put In Bay Sign

So many beautiful places to visit and see, just too little time do it all, oh well we’ll do what we can!

Miss Ariyanna Becoming A Pool Shark!

Miss Ariyanna Shooting Pool

Ariyanna lines up a shot as she learns how to shoot pool!







Miss Ariyanna Chalking

Ariyanna pauses in front of a painting of Cecil and his car on Big Creek Mountain with her cue stick during a recent shootout with her grandpa!









Miss Ariyanna Cecil Ranch

Ariyanna spends a quiet moment on the front porch of Uncle Cecil’s ranch during her summer vacation in South Carolina!

My Girls Coming To Ohio!

Ariyanna Aubrie

Ariyanna and Aubrie are all excited about coming to Ohio for the summer!










Girls Day Out

Ariyanna and Aubrie are all smiles during a recent girls day out!

Upside Down World!

George 2

Aubrie has a new hairdo!

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