A Moment with Ariyanna!

Smell The Roses

There comes a time when you need to take a moment to just stop and smell the flowers!


Ariyanna Playing Hoops!

Ariyanna Makes A Basket

Ariyanna playing basketball at Rodger Young Park in Fremont Ohio. “We call her automatic two when she plays” Great shot Baby Girl!

The Baptism Of Karlotta!

Baptism Of Karlotta

Karlotta takes total control of her life by submitting to baptism and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Preschool Diploma 2017!

Journie Diploma

Congrats to Journie for graduating preschool “Great Job Journie”!

Pretty Woman!

Pretty Woman

Ariyanna you are becoming quite the “Little Lady”and “Pretty Woman” right before my eyes!

January In Augusta Georgia!

Augusta In January

Across the Savannah River from where I live in North Augusta, South Carolina, this picture was taken on January 29, 2017 near Augusta’s famed beautiful Riverwalk Trail which runs from 5th street to 13th street before visiting the Morris Museum of Art on Sunday after church!

Girls Day Out!

Chili Dog Girls

My girls waiting on their chili dogs while visiting Marblehead Ohio!

June 2016!

Karl Waiting

An open letter for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyone else who chooses to listen for the month of June 2016 is:

Br Silent

If you take the letters from the word “Silent” and rearrange the letters you can spell the word “Listen” therefore just maybe, to really listen you must be silent!

Special Connection!

Ariyanna Watching Me Collect Healing Water

Through the prism of time and space, Ariyanna watches grandpa collect and drink God’s Healing Water!

One of Our Seasons!

A Beautiful Fall Day

A typical fall day brings thought to remembering “a season of our moments and life”, Ariyanna crafts a beautiful fall picture for us!

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