Happy Twin Birthday!

Twin Birthday

Happy Third birthday to my twin grandsons Xander and Zach!


Beautiful Day In Flagstaff!

Bug Searching

The twins (Zach left and Xander forefront) searching intently for bugs!

Twin Smiles!

Xander Zach 2017

What a delightful pair of boys Xander and Zach are as they playfully enjoy our visit to Flagstaff!

Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter 2017

Zach and Xander wishes everyone a very Special Easter for 2017!

My Little Snowflakes!

My Snowflakes

Merry Christmas from allĀ of my eighteen grand/great grandchildren. Missing from the photo are Levi, Donovan, Ryan, Tanner, Trevor, Justine,Kristen and Nick!

Twins Turn 2 Today!

Happy Birthday Alex Zach

A very Happy Birthday to Alex and Zach (you guys are so special) may all your dreams come true!

Ariyanna Presents!

By Ariyanna

Ariyanna showing off her twin cousins Alex and Zach who are the sons of Jhen and Nate!

My Grand Babies!

Alex Zach Christmas 2014

Alex and Zach behaving like angels!









Alex up close told me what a great mom and dad I have!











Zach Is Ready

Zach is ready to take on the world!

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