Rainbow Over Texas!

Aubrie Special Day 2017

Aubrie finds and stops for a photo op with a huge rainbow against a wall while traveling through Texas!


Aubrie Smiles!

Aubrie Smiles 2017

Aubrie getting ready for her road trip back to Ohio passing through the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and of course Ohio!

Photographer Of The Week!

Photographing The Colorado River

Ariyanna photographing the mighty Colorado River while traveling the great state of Colorado!

Traveling To Ohio!

Turtle Flower

At a road side rest stop, Ariyanna discovers a Turtle Flower Pot!

Riding The Train

During our stop, Ariyanna discovers this beautiful Train Flower Pot!

This was one of the best road trips I have ever undertook with my beautiful shadow by my side…Thanks Ariyanna for the memories!!!

Berlin Ohio!

Ariyanna Rooster

Ariyanna touching the beak of a big rooster recently in Berlin Ohio!










One Big Chicken

She tried to climb upon his back but he was just too big! One of her favorite foods is chicken!

Coming To Ohio!

Ariyanna In Our Trailer Park

Ariyanna with cousins Brady and Aubrie should arrive in Fremont Ohio some where around 6:00 PM on Sunday the eight of June!

Great Grand Parents!

Mom And Dad

My mom and dad Gene and Ruth Nunley in Louisville Kentucky at 19 and Bank Street! I think this picture was taken in 1981 when this was an empty lot!

Will Arrive In Detroit @ 12:30 AM!

Ariyanna Karl By The Tree

Leaving on a Jet Plane! Tuesday morning here we come!

Where To Next?

Ariyanna In Laughlin

Ariyanna in Laughlin picking out our next destination!

Ariyanna Visits Aunt Alta!

Ariyanna In Fremont Ohio

Ariyanna at Aunt Alta house back in April 2012!

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