Rainbow Over Texas!

Aubrie Special Day 2017

Aubrie finds and stops for a photo op with a huge rainbow against a wall while traveling through Texas!

My 2017 Road Trip To Ohio!

My 2017 Road Trip To Ohio

2300 miles across the southern route to Ohio brought me to my dad in only 4 days crossing the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio!

Road Trip To Ohio!

Karl 2017

Heading back to Ohio with one of my favorite granddaughter in tow (Aubrie) of course they all are my favorites as I should of had them(grandchildren) first…safe travels!

Change in San Antonio!

God Has Changed Me

The storm clouds of my life! I will always remember last night!

The Journey Continues!

I Go Not

I woke up in El Paso Texas! What a beautiful morning! The above picture was taken in Fountain Hills Arizona!

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