My Children | Grand And Great Grand Children!

Ariyanna Karen Fountain Hills

I am so blessed to have so many beautiful children | grandchildren | great grandchildren in my life. Thank you Opal and Susan!











Jessa Tori Journie

Grandpa With Alex

Christmas Grand Kids 2014

Susan and Karl 1984!

Susan Karl 1984

We were so young!

Happy Birthday Susan Ann!

Susan Birthday

Happy birthday Babe, another year at 39! This picture was taken last August at Fountain Hills, Arizona

Glendale Glitters 2013!

Waiting On The Bus

Check out this crew waiting on the bus to ride to Glendale Glitters!












Glendale Glitters 2013

Donovan took this picture of us waiting for the powering up of Glendale Glitters 1.5 million lights. Donovan didn’t want to be in the picture!

Caricature of Susan and Karl!

Karl Being Drawn

Karl posing for a drawing with Susan. He drew her first and then added me into the drawing. I will post the drawing soon. This was taken in May of 2011!

Grand Kids Are Great!

Aubrie Grandma Mount Humphrey

Aubrie and Grandma at the bottom of Mount Humphrey!

Our Special Day!

Fountain Hills Karl

Karl at Fountain Hills Arizona!

Fountain Hills Susan

Susan at Fountain Hills Arizona!


More Anniversary Pictures!

Karl In A Tree

Karl climbs the same tree as his wife and then asks how do I get down from here?











Susan Karl On The 29

We took pictures of each other in front of the resort!


She Still Has It!

Susan In A Tree

Susan climbs a tree the day after her anniversary to give me this beautiful shot!

Our Twenty-Seventh Anniversary!

Susan At Fountain Hills

Susan as the fountain shoots up in the air at beautiful Fountain Hills Arizona!










Susan Karl Anniversary

Susan & Karl standing in front of the fountain on their 27th Anniversary!










Susan Karl Fountain Hills

What a beautiful day we had!









Susan Karl Cactus

Susan & Karl standing in front of a cactus by the Radissan motel at Fort McDowell!




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