A Special Girl!

Pretty Girl Ariyanna 2018

This is a classic Ariyanna beauty shot!

Birthday Girl 2018!

Happy Birthday Brandi 2018

Happy Birthday Baby I Love You!

My Grand Children Are Special!

Tori Walks On Water

My Great Granddaughter Tori walks on water!

Donovan Turns 18!

Donovan Turns 18

Happy Birthday grandson hope your day was special…sorry so late I was traveling!

Happy Birthday Karlotta!


Happy Birthday Baby Girl born August 11, 1968 forty-seven years ago today. Hope your day is as special as you are love you babe!

The Artist!

Ya Ya Painting

Ariyanna loves to paint and she is so talented! She is so beautiful! She is so special!

A Christmas Moment!

Brandi With Girls

Brandi sharing a special moment with her girls Aubrie and Sophie!

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