Karen Sue Nunley!

Happy Birthday Karen 33

My Baby Girl turns 33 today…Happy Birthday Sweetheart I Love You…Dad!

Ariyanna Visits South Carolina!

Ariyanna Grandpa Savannah River

Ariyanna with her grandpa at the Savannah River Augusta Georgia Riverwalk showing South Carolina across the river!

Sheila Turns 62!

Happy Birthday Sheila 2017

Wishing you all the best on your special day!

My Little Sunshine!

Anchors Away

Anchors away, Journie proclaims during her recent visit to the Savannah River from Augusta Georgia!

A Rose For Grandma!

A Rose For Grandma

Jessa while walking near the Savannah River says “I want to pick a Rose for Grandma” and puts it on full display with her beautiful smile!

Grandpa November 2016!

Grandpa 2016

Sitting on a tree stump with the beautiful Savannah River flowing in the background on the Georgia side of the water, grandpa is hoping and praying that everyone had a great November!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Number 69!

Karl Between The Tree Flowers

Karl peeks from behind an Magnolia Flower Tree at the Riverview Park in North Augusta, just east of the Savannah River that divides South Carolina from Georgia!

June 2016!

Karl Waiting

An open letter for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyone else who chooses to listen for the month of June 2016 is:

Br Silent

If you take the letters from the word “Silent” and rearrange the letters you can spell the word “Listen” therefore just maybe, to really listen you must be silent!

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