Ariyanna Visits South Carolina!

Ariyanna Grandpa Savannah River

Ariyanna with her grandpa at the Savannah River Augusta Georgia Riverwalk showing South Carolina across the river!

January In Augusta Georgia!

Augusta In January

Across the Savannah River from where I live in North Augusta, South Carolina, this picture was taken on January 29, 2017 near Augusta’s famed beautiful Riverwalk Trail which runs from 5th street to 13th street before visiting the Morris Museum of Art on Sunday after church!

Grandpa November 2016!

Grandpa 2016

Sitting on a tree stump with the beautiful Savannah River flowing in the background on the Georgia side of the water, grandpa is hoping and praying that everyone had a great November!


Karl Relaxing

As I relax against the railing of the beautiful “RiverWalk” located in downtown Augusta Georgia, that guards the Savannah River which separates the states of Georgia and South Carolina, I am reminded of the most beautiful sound, that whispers in my mind, I have ever heard, so far in my life:”grandpa”. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have blessed me with!

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