Simply Aubrie 2014

Aubrie is just simply cute!












Bartlett 05

Aubrie reacting to a picture of her with big lips!

Cutie Aubrie!

Aubrie With A Towel

Aubrie with a towel on her head!

An Ariyanna Sketch!

Ariyanna Sketch

If you have a photo you want to turn into a sketch let me know?

Aubrie 2014!

Aubrie 2014

Aubrie gave me this beautiful picture at the Hot Air Balloons Festival in Glendale Arizona!

Indian Maiden!

Indian Maiden Aubrie

Aubrie is always wanting me to give her a funny face. This one she wanted to be an Indian Maiden!

Big Head!

Aubrie Big Head

Aubrie shows off as only she can do!

Mirror Trick!

Ariyanna Mirror Aubrie 2013

Ariyanna holding a two way mirror with Aubrie holding two flowers one on each side of her head!


Aubrie With Rose

Aubrie with a rose growing out of her ear!

Ariyanna 2010!


Ya Ya 45

A glamour shot from the year 2010!

Two Girls Two Roses!

Two Girls Two Roses

Ariyanna and Aubrie are showing off the same rose. Someone gave it to Aubrie and she gave it to Ariyanna. Ariyanna then gave it to her teacher in school the following Monday!










Two Girls Two Roses BW

The picture above in black & white!


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