Merry Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas Day 2017

Hear Me “You have a Very Merry Christmas” I Love You All!


The Baptism Of Karlotta!

Baptism Of Karlotta

Karlotta takes total control of her life by submitting to baptism and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Leisurely Stroll With Jesus!

Karlotta Walking With Jesus

During her recent trip to Portsmouth Ohio in December 2016, I captured this moment of Karlotta inside and protected by the arms of our Lord Jesus!

Happy Easter 2016!

Easter 2016

Because “HE IS RISEN”…JESUS is LORD and SAVIOR over ALL of GOD’S Creation!

My Journey…My Life!

I Was Broken

Every morning as I awaken to the breaching of the early morning dawn, from time to time I’m reminded of how lost, how bewildered, and how broken I was on my journey through this life alone. Those times as I glance backwards, it brings a regret, a reflection, a pang of guilt, and sometimes even a tear, from remembering, that point where I can never return, or would not ever want to. I’ve made many mistakes, and at times I am reminiscent of the truth that I wouldn’t change one little incident, since these numerous faults have brought me to the place where I occupy today; in the Presence of God. I would not alter one tiny occurrence, even if, I could inherit all of God’s creation, as a result. Thank you Lord Jesus for your luminosity from darkness, and putting the pieces of my life back together again. For all of this I am eternally grateful to you!







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