Brandi Visits!

Brandi With Her Grandma 2019

Brandi stops for a short visit with grandma Nunley!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday Ryan 23

Wishing you all the best on your Very Special Day…Keep the Faith and never stop believing your grandma would be proud as I am!

One Proud Grandma!

Grandma With Her Girls

Grandma Karlotta showing off two of her four grandchildren Jessa and Journie. The other two are Tori and Nickolas!

Karlotta (Grandma)!

Tori Ariyanna Karlotta Jessa

Karlotta with two of her grandchildren Tori (far left), Jessa (far right),and her niece Ariyanna (center left) showing off all of their beautiful smiles!










Grandma And Tori

Karlotta presenting her oldest granddaughter beautiful Tori who is her son Nick first born child!











Karlotta And Tori

Karlotta and Tori placing their inner and other beauty on full display!

What a Beautiful Day!

Sophie Day With Grandma

Four beautiful pictures of Grandma trying to kiss Sophie on her birthday!

Five Generations!

5 Generations Karlotta

Back roll | Great Grandpa Karl | Mom Kristen | Journie | Front roll | Jessa | Grandma Karlotta | Great Great Grandma Ruth!

Karlotta Drawing!

Karlotta Drawing

A Drawing of Karlotta!

Sophie with Mom and Grandma!

Sophie Finds An Easter Egg

Sophie discovers an Easter egg with onlookers!

Aubrie Washes Dishes!

Aubrie washes Dishes At Grandma House

Aubrie washes dishes at great grandma’s house then makes faces at the cameraman!

Grandma Nancy!

Nancy Sanson

Grandma Nancy Sanson Nunley!












Nancy Sanson 2

Grandma Nancy is the lady on the left! I’m not sure who the other people are!


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