2019 School Pic!

Ariyanna 8th Grade 2019

Pretty Ariyanna 8th grade picture!

Grandpa With Aubrie 2015!

With Aubrie

Aubrie and grandpa making beautiful memories together!

Aubrie With Friends!

Aubrie And Friends

Aubrie poses with a couple of her friends at the Glendale Hot Air Balloon Festival in a recent visit!

A Moment In Time!

Ariyanna Aubrie 2014

Ariyanna & Aubrie sharing a moment in time at the Glendale Hot Air Balloon Parade In January 2014!

Aubrie 2014!

Aubrie 2014

Aubrie gave me this beautiful picture at the Hot Air Balloons Festival in Glendale Arizona!

Glendale Glitters 2011!

Ariyanna Donovan 2011

Ariyanna and Donovan at the Glendale Glitters in 2011!













Ariyanna 2011 GG

Ariyanna leaning against a tree downtown Glendale in 2011!


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