Journie is 6 Today!

Happy Birthday Journie

Happy Birthday pretty girl you are such a blessing in my life Love You beautiful!

Mama With 3 of Her 4 Cubs!

Brandi Sophie Brady Aubrie

Smiling Mama and Sophie appear to be watching over Brady and Aubrie trying to give each other rabbit ears!

4 Wheeler Ole Man!


Grandpa takes his turn at the helm of 4 wheeling!

Grandkids Fun in Elmore Ohio!

Elmore Grandkids By River

Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna pose by the Portage River flowing through Elmore Ohio!









Elmore Grandkids

My grandkids Aubrie, Ariyanna and Brady show love by hugging each other on a park bench!









Elmore Grandkids Walk On Water

Ariyanna, Brady and Aubrie appear to walk on water during their recent visit on a beautiful day to Elmore Ohio!











Elmore Harry Witty Memorial Park

Brady and Ariyanna point to the “Harry Witty Memorial Park” sign while Aubrie poses underneath it!









Elmore Karl Grandkids

Grandpa poses with Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna as the Portage River flows past them on a gorgeous summer day in Ohio!










Elmore Grandkids River Bridge

The grandkids had a fun time at the river’s edge as they kept saying “let’s go back and stay the whole day”!

Happy 4th of July!

Jessa Ariyanna Back To Back 4

Jessa and Ariyanna wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July back to back!

Clyde Water Park!

WP Brady Ariyanna Climbing

Brady and Ariyanna as they climb the stairway to the big water slide at Clyde  Community Water Park!










WP Ariyanna Brady

Ariyanna and Brady are all smiles at the bottom of the big water slide!







WP Aubrie Climbing

Aubrie turns around as she climbs the stairs to the little water slide!











WP Aubrie Coming Down A Slide

Aubrie as she exits the little water slide during a day of fun for her and brother Brady and cousin Ariyanna!

Miss Ariyanna Becoming A Pool Shark!

Miss Ariyanna Shooting Pool

Ariyanna lines up a shot as she learns how to shoot pool!







Miss Ariyanna Chalking

Ariyanna pauses in front of a painting of Cecil and his car on Big Creek Mountain with her cue stick during a recent shootout with her grandpa!









Miss Ariyanna Cecil Ranch

Ariyanna spends a quiet moment on the front porch of Uncle Cecil’s ranch during her summer vacation in South Carolina!

Clyde Community Park!

CC Ariyanna Brady Aubrie

Ariyanna, Brady and Aubrie pose at a bridge at Clyde Community Park during their recent kids day out!











CC Ariyanna Bridge

Ariyanna gave me this beautiful pose at Clyde Community Park!











CC Ariyanna Grandpa Aubrie Brady

The grand kids pose with grandpa in front of a beautiful bridge while visiting the local park!










CC Aubrie

Aubrie is so happy while visiting a park in the city of Clyde Ohio!











CC Brady

Brady sits atop a bridge at Clyde Community Park!











CC Brady Ariyanna

Brady poses with his beautiful cousin Ariyanna while enjoying the view at Clyde Water Park!









CC Brady Aubrie

Brady enjoying a moment of fun with his beautiful sister Aubrie at the local park!









CC Brady Aubrie Ariyanna

Brady, Aubrie and Ariyanna really enjoyed each other while posing in front of a lake at Clyde Community Park!

My Girls!

My Girls

God has blessed me with so many beautiful grandchildren!

Happy Birthday Aubrie!

Aubrie 2014

Happy Birthday Granddaughter on your special day…Hope all your wishes come true!

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