My Twin Girls!

Twin Girls

It’s so hard to tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter, they both look like 21 years old!


My Thanksgiving Girls!

My Thanksgiving Girls 2016

Karen and Ariyanna showing off their natural beauty and charm throughout the pose for this picture they messaged to me on Thanksgiving day 2016!

Family Times!

Tori Nick Wall

Smiles gleaming all around as Tori, with her dad Nick, make and share some quality memories together!

Tori With Dad!

Daughter Father

Tori gets a surprise visit from her dad for her birthday!

Karlotta Drawing!

Karlotta Drawing

A Drawing of Karlotta!


5 Generations X

Five generations of girls! Leave a comment if you know who these girls are!

Great Picture!

Gerald SheAnna

My brother Gerald with his daughter SheAnna! I asked him why he was looking the other way. He said he thought he was supposed to look away from the camera! I think he thinks he’s a movie star!

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