Ariyanna Presents!

By Ariyanna

Ariyanna showing off her twin cousins Alex and Zach who are the sons of Jhen and Nate!

Karl And Gail!

Karl Gail

Wow how long ago was this…Karl and Gail in Chattanooga Tennessee!

Loudon Tennessee!

Gail Ariyanna 2014

Gail and Ariyanna if front of the tic-toc Ice Cream Parlor which features home made ice cream in Loudon Tennessee!













Ariyanna Karl Loudon Tennessee

Ariyanna and Karl share a special moment in front of the center fountain in Loudon Tennessee!












Karl Ariyanna Tree Loudon Tennessee

Grandpa Karl find some shade with granddaughter Ariyanna leaning against a tree in beautiful Loudon Tennessee!














Gail Karl Tree Loudon Tennessee

A cousin moment is shared between Gail and Karl framed by a tree with a painting displayed  on the background building!














Ariyanna Loudon Tennessee

What a beautiful smile, what a beautiful girl, what beautiful candy!

Marblehead Fun!

Girls Having Fun

Back Row | Martrica | Revonda Sue | Front Row | Myron | Carol | Tina | Paula! Cousins and sisters all enjoying a fun moment at the Lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio!

Aunt Betty February 3 1924 – August 14 2014!

Gail Ray Bessie

Daughter Gail | Husband Ray | Aunt Betty sharing a recent moment in Loudon Tennessee!













Bessie Ruth

Aunt Betty with her sister Ruth who happens to be my mother!









Three Ladies

Ariyanna joins the group to make three beautiful ladies! Ariyanna is one of my many granddaughters!

Happy Birthday Revonda Sue!

Lighthouse Revonda Sue Martrica

Revonda Sue and Martrica standing in front of the lighthouse in Marblehead Ohio on a beautiful day in July 2014!














Inside The Lighthouse

Martrica | Myron | Revonda Sue traveling down the 77 stairs inside the lighthouse!

Picnic At Community Park!

Girl Cousins

From left to right | Karlotta | Martrica | Carol | Dosie | Paula | Sharon | Maron | In front | Sue | Mom Nunley | Tina!

Ariyanna & Aubrie 2014!

Ariyanna Aubrie Lighthouse

Ariyanna and Aubrie visit the lighthouse!













Ariyanna Aubrie Park 2014

Ariyanna and Aubrie visit the Community Park in Clyde Ohio!











Perfect cousins!

Coming To Ohio!

Ariyanna In Our Trailer Park

Ariyanna with cousins Brady and Aubrie should arrive in Fremont Ohio some where around 6:00 PM on Sunday the eight of June!

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