Happy Birthday Nickolas!

Happy Birthday Nickolas 2017

Nickolas we wish your birthday is as great as you are…Happy Birthday Great Grandson on your ninth birthday!


Ariyanna Just Barely Two!

Ariyanna At 2

This picture was taken in March 2008 and when I realize she would give me so many beautiful pictures. She just seems to be a natural at posing for photos. This was not staged…I just looked over and there she was!

Tombstone Cowgirl!

Tombstone Cowgirl

Ariyanna went to Tombstone Arizona in October of 2008 and became a cow girl of the wild wild west!

Ariyanna Terrible Twos From 2008!

Ariyanna May 2008

A picture of Ariyanna from early May 2008!










Ariyanna May 2008 X

This one was from the latter part of May 2008!








Ariyanna December 2008

This one was from mid December 2008!








Karen had asked for some pictures from her early childhood! I told her I has a few!



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