Happy Anniversary Uncle Nate & Aunt Jhen!

Happy Anniversary

Have a nice time u 2 luv birds!


Our Special Day!

Fountain Hills Karl

Karl at Fountain Hills Arizona!

Fountain Hills Susan

Susan at Fountain Hills Arizona!


More Anniversary Pictures!

Karl In A Tree

Karl climbs the same tree as his wife and then asks how do I get down from here?











Susan Karl On The 29

We took pictures of each other in front of the resort!


Our Twenty-Seventh Anniversary!

Susan At Fountain Hills

Susan as the fountain shoots up in the air at beautiful Fountain Hills Arizona!










Susan Karl Anniversary

Susan & Karl standing in front of the fountain on their 27th Anniversary!










Susan Karl Fountain Hills

What a beautiful day we had!









Susan Karl Cactus

Susan & Karl standing in front of a cactus by the Radissan motel at Fort McDowell!




Great Picture!

Gerald SheAnna

My brother Gerald with his daughter SheAnna! I asked him why he was looking the other way. He said he thought he was supposed to look away from the camera! I think he thinks he’s a movie star!

Father of the Bride!

Father of the Bride

Daddy’s Little Girl!

Mr & Mrs Justin & Gwen Scharcklet!

Justin Gwen

The newlywed couple! Congratulations!

Here Comes The Bride!

Gwen Wedding

Beautiful Bride August 3 2013!

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