First Grade School Picture!

Ariyanna School 2013 First Grade X

This is Ariyanna 2nd picture take of her 1st grade school year!

A Halloween Clown!

A Friendly Clown

A smiling, happy, friendly clown!











Ariyanna picked out the outfit and Susan did the make up. Great job guys!

Ariyanna Terrible Twos From 2008!

Ariyanna May 2008

A picture of Ariyanna from early May 2008!










Ariyanna May 2008 X

This one was from the latter part of May 2008!








Ariyanna December 2008

This one was from mid December 2008!








Karen had asked for some pictures from her early childhood! I told her I has a few!



Grandpa Karl!

Karl 2010

I believe Ariyanna took this picture way back in 2010!

Rest In Peace Baby Jaxten!

Baby Jaxten

My Great Grandson!

Birthday Party At Famous Dave’s!

Karen With Cake 2013

Karen as the flaming dessert arrives!













Birthday Party 2013

Karen surrounded by Ariyanna and Kyle to help her celebrate her 28 birthday!


Karen Turns 28!

What To Wish For

That mother daughter moment and what to wish for!

Happy Birthday Karen!

Karen 26 Birthday With Ariyanna

These are two pictures of Karen with her birthday cake from 2 years ago!

Karen 26 Birthday with Ariyanna 2

Karen will be 28 on November 5th!

Brady & Ariyanna!

Brady Ariyanna Easter 2013

Brady and Ariyanna at Sun Grove last year Easter Egg Hunt!

Great Grand Parents!

Mom And Dad

My mom and dad Gene and Ruth Nunley in Louisville Kentucky at 19 and Bank Street! I think this picture was taken in 1981 when this was an empty lot!

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