Road Trip to Natural Bridge just north of Payson Arizona




The start of our trip  to the Natural Bridge just above Payson, Arizona. Hey is anyone hungry? How about Rock Springs Restaurant for breakfast, man am I hungry Donovan blurts out as we pull of of the driveway. He keeps saying as we travel towards Rock Springs “how about IHOP”. Rock Springs is about 30 miles north of Phoenix and thirty miles is a long time with three kids.

We do finally arrive and breakfast is served shortly thereafter. As we leave Rock Springs everyone stops for a quick picture!


Where was that IHOP?


Well it wasn’t that quick as I snap 6 or 7 pictures and seam them all together to create this great shot because you know kids are looking this way and that way and it hard to keep them looking at the camera. It’s almost like they have ants or something in their pants.

Back on the road again traveling on Interstate 17 North up the mountain turning off the air conditioning to keep the car from overheating. The kids, Donovan, Brady and Ariyanna are having fun playing games like I spy something and everyone else tries to guess what it is. Fun fun fun as the miles fly bye.

Maw maw is in the back seat playing video games and trying to  keep the children entertained which anyone with kids knows isn’t a easy job. Some how she manages to complete that task and we turn onto State Route 260 going east when we realize that someone forgot the map! Oh well how hard can it be when we have visited the Natural Bridge twice before.


We turn left on State Route 87 which is the wrong way-great job Papa! So turning around on a single lane curving road isn’t a easy thing to do but with a little luck and not much traffic we make it happen. We’re back on track heading toward Strawberry, Arizona. Well no Natural Bridge yet, maybe they have moved it.


Pine, Arizona is the next town winding down the curving road headed south back toward Phoenix. Maybe we should stop at the next gas station. Pine just happens to have only one gas station. Let’s stop yes. OK how far to the Natural Bridge I ask the man in the store part of the gas station. Oh about 6 miles south of here. Great let’s go! Wait let’s take another picture or maybe six more to create this super looking picture.


Is it real?


OK now let’s head to  the Natural Bridge OK!

Goodbye to Pine Arizona and did he say which way we turn to the Bridge, left or right?

Donovan and Maw Maw says left, Papa says right, Brady and Ariyanna don’t really care they just want to  get there.

Well as we turn right to the Natural Bridge and head down the incline to the park waiting below. $12 please and you can pass. OK no problem. Attached the ticket to the inside of the windshield and drive into the park.

We have arrived!!!

More coming stay tuned.

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