Grandpa Home!

Ya Ya In Flagstaff

I’m so happy that I could almost dance!

Happy Birthday Journie!

Journie Family

Jerry Karlotta Opal Karl and of course the birthday girl Journie who is three years old!

Happy Birthday Martrica!

Martrica Tree

Martrica looking out from behind a tree on a beautiful Georgia fall day!Martrica birthday is Monday December 15th!


The Crossroads

There are many choices in life! It is never easy! God has brought me to it and he will get me through it! Praise God!

My Beautiful Aubrie and Ariyanna!

Aubrie Ariyanna Tackle Box

My girls at the Tackle Box restaurant in Fremont Ohio I sure do miss and love them!

Journie with Great Grandpa!

Great Grandpa Journie

Journie who is a doll baby blessed me with this beautiful picture!

My Journey Between My Past and Future is Almost Complete!


My beautiful daughter saw this in an television ad and gave it to me because it reminded her of me! The tree and lake is in Summmerville, Georgia!

Beautiful Girls!

Ariyanna Karen

Karen and Ariyanna at the lakeside of Fountain Hills in beautiful Arizona!

Happiness Comes From Within!

Louisville Ky

I am no longer searching for happiness! I am happy!

Talking To God!

Speaks To The Lord

Aubrie and I were on our way to pick up Donovan and Ariyanna from school one day when she asked “who are you talking to grandpa” I replied “I’m talking to the lord babes” so she told everybody!

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